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in Frederick, MD

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  • Great multicultural and multinational church with The Word of God being spoken in the way God meant it to be spoken. I would have given this church 5 stars if they could get their finances a little more organized (I tie part of this to the members and regular attendees who clings to that which is not theirs. GUESTS ARE EXCLUDED FROM THIS COMMENT.)

    HOWEVER, someone please tell me what church out there is so perfect with their finances that they are able to give money out and help freely to anyone and everyone who asks for it??? We all could use their help.

    Every church has their own financial struggles in some small way. Even the biggest and mega churches in the U.S. have issues. It is considered Not Wise to give freely to anyone and everyone who asks for help. If any church gave freely to all the people who asks them for help, that church would go bankrupt. Think about this.

    Also, remember that weeds sprout out from all directions (((cough-trolls-cough))) and will try to mimic wheat. If we pull out the weed out we take the risk of killing the wheat growing right next to it. So it is best to leave the weed right where it is and let Him pull it out when the time is right. In other words, leave the negative reviews right where they are.

    My personal response (unaffiliated and unsupported by ICCOG) to the individual who left the negative review (who I personally feel is not the person they say they are):

    What church do you go to and did you too leave them a negative review as well? After all, they are unable to help you and they ARE your church. At the very least, ICCOG tries to help their members amongst their little financial struggles. Your church does not (based on your negative post). Also, what occurred that you are now in eviction phase? My life experiences have shown me that troubles comes to those who don't do enough to help themselves. If you are being evicted, then you are the problem. This is evident since your own church cannot help you - and they know more about you than any other church will.

    Added June 15, 2017 by Current Resident
  • I love this church and the preaching, I'm in Bethesda now with my family and we're missing it so much. This church helped me to be spiritually strong.

    Added March 29, 2017 by Charito sideno
  • I love this church so much and i have been a member since 2009

    Added February 09, 2017 by Bertina Lamptey
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I called to get help for an eviction notice. The church said I would have to be a member of their church in order to receive assistance. I'm already a member of a Church but my church does not have the funds to help at this time. This church does and refuses to help me and my 10 year old daughter

    Added December 14, 2016 by Holly Coates
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